• Director: Jim Mickle
  • Producers: Ben Pugh, Linda Moran, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Jim Mickle
  • Actors: Boyd Holbrook, Michael C. Hall, Cleopatra Coleman, Rachel Keller, Rudi Dharmalingam

In 1988, several people bleed to death in Philadelphia. Lockhart police officers believe the case is his ticket to become a detective.

He has Detective Hotl’s sister-in-law, initially rejecting Lockhat’s observation but finally admits that the death was related when Lockhart found similar injuries in each victim.

Maddox and Lockhart found the victim of the attack with the same wound, before dying, he described the attacker of an African-American woman in her 20s with an injured hand. Holt organized the hunt, Lockhart and Maddox chased the suspect to the subway, where the woman defeated Maddox.

Lochart faced him, the suspect explained the details about Lockhart’s life including that his wife would give birth that day. The woman predicted her own death when before the struggle, it ended with the train hitting her.

Confused about the many details not explained, the police closed the case. Meanwhile, Lockhart’s wife died while giving birth.

9 years later, protesting against police brutality on the day of the suspect’s death, a copycat commits another killer. Lockhart is now a detective, unable to find a clear connection between the victims.

He urged the police department to guard the reopening investigation.

Riots break out when Holt publishes surveillance footage of the impersonator and promises an investigation. Lockhart traced the key taken in 1988 to an aircraft manufactured in 1996. Naveen Rao physicists confirmed this was evidence of time travel, but Lockhart and Maddox ignored it.

After tracking the copycat to the airfield, Lockhart was surprised to find the same suspect in 1988, who was still alive and he was also not old.

He accidentally killed Maddox and took Lockhart hostage, once again explaining knowledge about his unusual life. After warning Lockhart he disappeared.

2006, Lockhart’s private investigator is obsessed with solving the case, which he now believes involves time travel. Lockhart stole the Holt badge, used it to disguise himself as a policeman, tracked down a victim’s wife.

She explained that her husband ran a white nationalist militia group. Lockhart found the returned suspect, killing the remaining group members.

When chasing, he injured his hand before he was able to disappear using a time machine. Holt then captures Lockhart.

Rao, who disappeared years ago, reappeared in 2015, determined to stop Lockhart from disturbing the killer. Rao now believes that the woman’s reasons can be justified, explaining that one can avoid major tragedies by killing enough people in the past.

Lockhart ran away from Rao to face the woman who declared herself Rya, the son of Lockhart’s daughter who was alienated from inter-racial marriage.

In the future, Lockhart convinced Ryan to take the mission after terrorism militia groups triggered a new civil war. Rya traveled back in time, appearing 9 years in reverse chronological order.

From his point of view, the events of 1988 had not yet happened and Rya’s hand had not been injured. Overcoming guilt, Lockhart explained to him the events that occurred in 1988.

Convinced that Rya’s goal was fair, he let Rya finish the murder. Lockhart reunited with his family and civil war was avoided.


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