• Director: Ang Lee
  • Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer, Don Granger, Dana Goldberg, David Ellison
  • Actors: Will Smith, Benedict Wong, Clive Owen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is an aged government assassin, he was sent on a mission to kill terrorists on a train. Disappointed with the murder, Henry retired from his career.

Henry meets Danny and reconnects with an old friend who explains an informant Yuri explains to him the man Henry killed was innocent, demanding evidence, Henry asks his friend to arrange a meeting with Yuri. In retaliation to Henry for their fraud, his former agent planned to kill him while Clay Varris, the head of the secret black ops unit codenamed “Gemini”, wanted to pursue Henry but was refused his request.

Realizing Danny agent, Henry is friends with Danny. After his house was burglarized by a government agent, Henry contacted his spies, who were killed with Henry’s friend. Henry warns Danny of the attack and they to kill the killers sent after them, knowing the agent wants them dead. Blurred, Henry and Danny head overseas to the Baron, planning to meet Yuri for further options.

Clay sent a hitman to kill Henry. Henry realized the killer had similarities to himself when he was young. After the chase, Henry was unable to compete and was almost killed, the authorities arrived and the assassin ran away. When the killer arrived at the hideout, he was revealed to be the adopted son of Junior Clays.

Dialing his comfort with the younger version of Henry, Junior was ordered to finish the job. Henry, who was troubled by the resemblance to the killer, who, according to Danny’s conjecture, might have been Henry’s son, Henry claimed he was not married. Test DNA samples obtained from Junior, Danny found DNA and Henry identical, Junior is a younger clone than Henry.

Feeling desperate for an answer, Henry met Yuri, Yuri told the cloning project and that the man Henry had killed was one of the project’s scientists. After devising a method of producing clones without pain or emotion, scientists try to leave the project and get killed when discovered. To try and make Junior turn away from Clay, Henry contacted the head of the agency who agreed to send Junior to bring Danny safely back to the United States.

Gathering Danny, Junior set a trap intended for Henry, but Danny warned Henry through a secret listening device in the mouth.

Ambushing the younger killer, Henry explains to Junior that he is a copy, convincing him to expose their same secret trait that is unknown to others.

Blurred back to Gemini, a junior who was heartbroken against Clay, who claimed he was better than Henry. Finding Henry after sneaking out of Gemini, Junior teamed up with him to take Clay down with Henry urging Junior to stop being a good person.

The Baron was killed in a drone attack ordered by Clay with Junior to attack him which made Clay faint.

After defeating the wave of operation Gemini, Danny, Henry and Junior faced another clone who did not feel pain or emotion, succeeded in killing him. Clay is defeated trying to justify his actions to Junior, who almost killed him but Henry persuades Junior instead.

Making sure no more clones were produced and they were finally free from danger, Henry next met Junior, who is now applying to a college with his new identity. Junior now has a name as Jackson Brogan.


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