• Director: Daniel Lee
  • Cast: Wu Jing, Jing Bora, Zhang Ziyi, Hu Ge

It began in 1960 when the Chinese national mountain climbing team made an effort to conquer Everest from North Face in response to territorial challenges on the other side.

During the climb, the team captain was killed and left the 3 remaining members to continue the summit alone.

After conquering the mountain, they were unable to record their achievements because they lost their cameras during an avalanche so that their success was not recognized by the international community.

This is bad news for Wuzhou, whose romantic attempt to seduce a shy meteorologist named Xu Ying is interrupted at a critical time and all their dreams are dashed.

Wuzhou sullenly resigned, angry because he was considered a con artist. The failure weighed on the courage he had mustered to pursue his romantic destiny, letting Xu Ying go for years of research in the Soviet Union without telling him how he really felt.

Xu Ying commented that he chose to be belittled when he briefly stated that the country entered a period of darkness after the failure of the Everest effort after the Chinese National Mountain Climb Team was disbanded.

Wuzhou was moved to the boiler room in the factory while his friends were still alive. Jiebu and Songlin pursued their respective destinies. Jiebu returned to the sheep farm and Songlin, whose leg was crushed, joined a suitable facility to make another effort on Everest to restore the reputation of mountaineering International. China. How then becomes the core of the film.


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